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25 June 2017

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21 June 2017

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Heading Home
20 December 2016

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Almost Timeless
28 August 2016

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7 July 2016

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A Hobby Shared...
2 March 2016

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Path of Least Resistance
9 February 2016

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26 January 2015

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Gear Head
24 September 2014

Recent Comments

Hiro on Foxy
Excellent close up !!

L'Angevine on So Much To Do
bien cette mise au point

L'Angevine on Blue
bien ce bleu cône

L'Angevine on Just For A Moment
belle feuille

L'Angevine on Stillness

k@ on Just For A Moment
Like open arms

L'Angevine on Under Big Red
bien ce vert et bleu

omid on Under Big Red
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & bokeh! L O V E L Y !!!

L'Angevine on The Hottest Day of the Year
beaux verts

L'Angevine on The Winner Takes It All
bien les gouttes

L'Angevine on Maple

Haldir on Maple

L'Angevine on Yellow

omid on Yellow
such beautiful composition, focus, details, colors, lights & bokeh! L O V E L Y !!!!

L'Angevine on Yippee!
bel effet

L'Angevine on Oak Leaves
bel effet et superbe ce bokeh

L'Angevine on Glitterati
bel effet et superbe cette diagonale

L'Angevine on Glitterdrops
bel effet

L'Angevine on Leap
bien ce vert

Curly on Leap
Excellent piece of selective focus Spike.

L'Angevine on Definitely Summer
bel effet

L'Angevine on OK... Now What?

omid on OK... Now What?
L O V E L Y !

beach on OK... Now What?
Super! Nosy little fellow, isn't he?

L'Angevine on 'Ang On Lads, I've Got a Great Idea
c'est beau

L'Angevine on Summer Meadow
belle peinture

L'Angevine on Expectant
beau vert

omid on Expectant
such beautiful composition, focus, details, colors & lights! A M A Z I N G !

L'Angevine on The Wind that Shakes the Garlic
bel effet de douceur

omid on The Wind that Shakes the Garlic
L O V E L Y !

L'Angevine on Don't Call Me Chicken!
oh magnifique

omid on Don't Call Me Chicken!
:) such beautiful composition, focus, colors, lights & bokeh! Lovely!

L'Angevine on Getting It Right

L'Angevine on Ready
bel effet

Michael Rawluk on Ready
That is a lovely shot.

L'Angevine on Just Add Water
bel effet

rbassin on Ready
Bien fait ce gros plan

L'Angevine on Bank Holiday Monday

L'Angevine on Posing
bien ce jaune

L'Angevine on Delicate
c'est du bon travail

Le Krop on Fallen Doves
(pour le titre, aussi...)

Le Krop on Fallen Doves
Coup de coeur !*****

L'Angevine on Dove Tree
bien vu

L'Angevine on The Joy of Anticipation
belle prise

L'Angevine on Angles

L'Angevine on Yup, It's Spring All Right

beach on Angles
Great find.

MAU on Yup, It's Spring All Right
Certainly. Your excellent shot is a proof of it.

L'Angevine on What?

L'Angevine on Holdouts

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