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More yellow

Posted by Spike (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 3 April 2010 in Plant & Nature.

These were on a gangling young speciment of Salix somethingorotherii at the edge of the grove of not-yet-blossoming cherries. My eye was drawn by the tiny flowers poking through the fur.

Trying to do macro work involving a bunch of saplings swinging madly in the breeze does wonders for your patience. It really does. Oh yes.

Thanks for stopping to take a look.

Julie from United States

Wonderful macro shot! I know exactly what you mean about the paitence thing with macros hehe!

4 Apr 2010 4:48am

@Julie: Thanks, Julie. :-)

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

Aren´t they beautiful as their pollen suddenly pops out of the hairy coat? Wonderful macro - I wopuld love to know what lens you are using for this! ( starting to gather dslr equipment hints =))

5 Apr 2010 12:37pm

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

Oops forget the questions, just got to your about page - so G1 and Ricoh? Nice! Is this the G1 - for it´s zeronoise?

5 Apr 2010 12:39pm

@daniela scharnowski: Yes, this was the G1. The lens was an old OM f/2.8 24mm, mounted with a 7mm extension tube and 2x teleconverter (the lichen pic was with a f/1.4 50mm). The great thing about the G1 (and other micro-4/3 cameras) is that you can get adapters to mount almost any lens on them - and old manual lenses are going cheap on eBay and second-hand shops. The "catch" is that the focal length of the lens is doubled, ie, 50mm behaves like a 100mm, 24mm becomes 48mm. Great for tele-work, not so good for wide angle.

Noise - almost certainly has had some noise reduction, at least over the background. I "developed" this using Bibble 5, which has basic NoiseNinja built in.

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

Now that´s an answer!
Excuse me for being a total dslr-noob - what are OM lenses?
I finally decided (after a half´s year research and testing in shops - oh the shop owners surely hate me!) for the Pentax K-x which I ordered last week together with some standard Sigma lenses - and a m42 adapter for my very old asahi takumars from my fathers old pentax spotmatic which I also call mine now. I had a fun weekend with them lately- the lenses are in perfect condition and have a brilliant sharpness - I´m very excited about the results...still waiting.
I never heard about bibble before, thanks for the tip!

5 Apr 2010 1:48pm

@daniela scharnowski: OM = a series of cameras by Olympus and lenses by Zuiko back in the days of steam photography :-). Some were OK, some were brilliant, and mostly they were considerably lighter and more compact than their competitors.

It's great that you're able to use the old lenses - and the M42 adapter will let you use a lot of others as well. I'll look forward to seeing the results. :-)

I'm slowly getting around to adding some entries to your freeware thread on the forums. Keep an eye open.